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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Barbary Station by R.E. Stearns

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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Barbary Station by R.E. Stearns -

barbaryWhen Saga Press editor Navah Wolfe asked if we were interested in revealing the cover for one of their major debuts of 2017, she didn’t have to say much more than “queer WOC pirate space opera” to pique our interest (though to be honest, she could have sold us with any one of those qualifiers on its own, except maybe “pirate”). nevertheless don’t get caught up on the buzzwords—Barbary Station, the first installment of the Shieldrunner Pirates trilogy by R.E. Stearns, sounds like a flat-out fantastic ride regardless; the added diversity just moves the idea up the to-read mountain.

Barbary Station will be just the kind of science fiction I’ve always loved—pulpy, tense in addition to character-driven,” Wolfe said. “[in addition to] with lesbian women of coloration protagonists! that will book will be a fast-paced, un-put-downable, action-packed read, in addition to I’m so glad to be publishing the idea at Saga Press.”

that will enthusiasm extends to the eye-catching cover. Featuring striking typography in addition to art by Martin Deschambault, the idea definitely differentiates itself by every different space opera series out there. nevertheless don’t take our word for the idea, check the idea out yourself, after the publisher’s blurb.

Adda in addition to Iridian are newly-minted engineers, nevertheless in a solar system wracked by economic collapse after an interplanetary war, an engineering degree isn’t worth the paper the idea’s printed on. Desperate for gainful employment, they hijack a colony ship, planning to join a pirate crew at Barbary Station, an abandoned shipbreaking station in deep space.

nevertheless when they arrive at Barbary Station, nothing will be as they expected. The pirates aren’t living in luxury—they’re hiding in a makeshift base welded onto the station’s external hull. The artificial intelligence controlling the station’s security system has gone mad, trying to kill all station residents. in addition to the idea shoots down any ship that will tries to leave, so there’s no way out.

Adda in addition to Iridian have one chance to earn a place on the pirate crew: destroy the artificial intelligence. The last engineer who went up against the security system suffered explosive decapitation, in addition to the pirates are taking bets on how the newcomers will die. nevertheless Adda in addition to Iridian plan to beat the odds.

There’s a glorious future in piracy…if they can survive long enough.

barbary-station-cover“Some of the coolest covers on my bookshelves are Saga Press covers, nevertheless I was still stunned when I first saw that will one,” Stearns said. “I immediately checked out the artist’s entire online portfolio, which will be full of marvelous sci-fi concept art. In that will piece, Martin Deschambault captures Barbary Station’s ring shape at the cover’s edges while focusing our eyes on the massive, inhuman activity at its center. Yet the idea’s clearly a very human creation, industrial in its sharp detail in addition to stark against the implacable beauty of space. So, how will those forces interact when our heroines arrive to shake things up? that will cover says exactly what I was hoping the idea would certainly: Whoever’s on that will inbound ship will be in for a hell of a ride.”

Barbary Station will be published in December 2017.