The Walking Dead: Girl Power

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The Walking Dead: Girl Power -

First Aired November 27th, 2016.

Two girls, Rachel (played by Mimi Kirkland) as well as also Cyndie (played by Sydney Park), are on a beach as well as also stumble across an unconscious Tara (played by Alanna Masterson). Rachel wants to follow the “rules” as well as also kill her, yet Cyndie refuses as well as also drags Tara to safety via the water.

Cyndie goes back as well as also leaves supplies as well as also a sharp stick for Tara, unaware that will she wakes up as well as also follows her. In a flashback, Heath (played by Corey Hawkins) vents to Tara that will after weeks of scavenging they found only meager supplies, yet she doesn’t want to give up. He also shares his worry about having killed so many Saviors as well as also that will the only way to survive today is usually to be selfish as well as also kill, which Tara disagrees with. They come across the ruins of a survivor camp as well as also are overrun by walkers as well as also separated. inside the present, Tara comes across a community full of heavily armed women as well as also children, as well as also once she’s discovered they open fire. Rachel corners Tara, yet before she can shoot, Cyndie comes to Tara’s defense, as well as also instead Tara is usually taken hostage. The leader Natania (played by Deborah May), Cyndie’s grandmother, questions Tara. yet Tara lies as well as also says she lived on a fishing boat. While they normally kill strangers, the fact that will Tara spared one of them instead of shooting her has them questioning if they should Discharge her.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

Sand walkers!

Tara’s been absent for the entire season until today, so an entire episode featuring the character was inevitable, as well as also, as that will turned out, a great episode. Tara is usually often a source for not bad one-liners as well as also has her moments, yet usually fades into the background. This kind of episode showed she can carry an entire episode herself as well as also that will there is usually much more to her character. Heath is usually an Alexandrian who’s been there yet not truly been involved. For a minute I had forgotten who he was when he appeared on screen. Having him get separated via Tara early inside the episode was a not bad move, This kind of was Tara’s episode as well as also he wouldn’t have contributed much by being around. This kind of community of all women living Amazon style is usually a first, as well as a major deviation via the comics, which didn’t have any groups like that will. Ironically, This kind of would likely be an ideal place for Tara if they hadn’t shot at her as well as also held her hostage.

Natania invites Tara to dinner as well as also tries to convince her to stay in order to keep their village safe as well as also reveals they lost all the men in a fight with another group. After revealing they knew she was lying, Tara tells the truth about where she is usually via as well as also their fight with the Saviors. She tries to convince Natania as well as also the others that will their two communities could work together, yet is usually met with resistance as they are used to being independent. Natania decides to send Tara out having a guide to find Heath as well as also investigate their community; Cyndie offers to go, yet is usually forbidden. Tara heads out with her guide, yet quickly realizes they plan to kill her as well as also runs at the first chance she gets. Tara confronts her guide, who reveals Tara’s group only killed an outpost as well as also that will the Saviors were responsible for killing all their men as well as also young boys. She plans to kill Tara to ensure the Saviors don’t find them, yet Cyndie intervenes as well as also helps Tara escape, yet makes her promise to never return or tell anyone about them. Cyndie covers Tara as she runs through the horde of walkers on the bridge, yet she finds no sign of Heath.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

The Hunted.

Cyndie didn’t truly have to make Tara promise anything, there was no way she would likely ever go back to that will place, in just one episode they turned on her as well as also tried to kill her three times. Of course, given what they went through that will’s understandable, yet Tara had proved she was a not bad person. Although This kind of was a fun episode, that will was clearly filler as well as also a way to give Tara’s character a major storyline after missing most of the season so far. Tying This kind of community to the Saviors was a way of trying to bring them into the main conflict as well as also be used as a way of revisiting them later inside the season, although that will doesn’t seem very likely to happen. However, there were a lot of characters introduced This kind of episode that will would likely be worth exploring later. Branching out as well as also exploring completely new places is usually great, yet why did these people also have to be connected to the Saviors? that will seems their reach is usually never ending, as well as also, at This kind of point, we’re just being provided more examples of their brutality. They’re bad guys. We get that will.

Tara continues alone on foot as well as also eventually makes that will back to Alexandria, where she learns her girlfriend Denise (played by Merritt Weaver) was killed weeks ago. yet when pressed about places with guns or ammunition, Tara keeps the various other community’s existence to herself. that will was strange watching Tara absorb the news of Denise’s death, since, for us, that will happened a year ago. Tara decided to keep quiet after everything, yet partly that will was because staging a raid unarmed would likely be suicide.


“Nobody’s evil, they just decide to forget who they are.” “Some people are evil.”

Heath may or may not be dead, does anyone truly care either way?

“If you’re going to keep thinking everyone’s an enemy, then enemies are all you’re going to find.”

Tara can never find anyone to give her a proper fist bump, which should be on her bucket list.

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