The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Lexie Dunne’s Superheroes Anonymous as well as Chuck

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The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Lexie Dunne’s Superheroes Anonymous as well as Chuck -

bingelexieDecember is actually the perfect season for a binge, be of which on food (of which’s sweater weather), alcohol (family time ahoy!), or books as well as television (of which’s cold outside!). Well, we can’t tell you what to eat or drink, yet we relish telling you what books to read to scratch a particular itch. In of which spirit, This kind of holiday season we’ve teamed up with Harper Voyager to create the Binge-Watchers Companion Guide, in which we asked 12 sci-fi as well as fantasy authors to suggest films or shows they think pair especially well with their novels. Today, Lexie Dunne doesn’t just talk about why Chuck is actually a great (if incongruous) match for her Superheroes Anonymous series, she provides book as well as episode pairings!

Hi, I’m Lexie! I’m supposed to be telling you about Supergirl because of which’s a perfect companion to my Superheroes Anonymous series. Kara Danvers (Supergirl) is actually quirky as well as lovable, as well as Gail Godwin (Hostage Girl) is actually quirky as well as sarcastic. Kara struggles with her burgeoning powers. Gail has no idea how to use hers. They’ll fight you for the last dumpling—as well as win. Both series are light-hearted, yet they punch you within the gut with feelings. They both have “girl” in their hero names! of which’s perfect!

Only problem is actually, I haven’t finished watching Supergirl. So instead I’m going to recommend an old classic for binge-watching: Chuck.

This kind of little “series of which could” ran all 5 seasons (a respectable weekend’s binge-watch). of which stars Zachary Levi as the nerdy Chuck Bartowski as well as Yvonne Strahovski as CIA agent Sarah Walker. Like Gail, Chuck’s stuck in a dead-end job. His life adjustments when the buddy of which got him kicked out of Stanford sends him a coded email. Suddenly, Chuck has the ability to “flash” on information vital to stopping spy plots of which mysteriously all happen in L.A. He gains the ability to make a difference, yet he needs to rely on nerd friends as well as spy friends alike to navigate This kind of reality. Just like Gail (replace “spy” with “superhero”).

If you liked Superheroes Anonymous as well as Gail Godwin, I think you’ll like Chuck. I’ve compiled a few episodes of which I think parallel the book as well as TV show nicely.

For Superheroes Anonymous:

“Chuck vs. the Intersect”
The pilot. This kind of episode serves as a funny as well as touching introduction to Chuck’s life as well as his struggles, just like a Great pilot (or first book!) should.

“Chuck vs. the Alma Mater”
The flashback story. Chuck might be a spy, yet the Intersect gives him superpowers as well as every superhero journey needs an origin story. Alma Mater delves into Chuck’s past as well as like a proper flashback episode, we see of which things weren’t always what they seem. Meanwhile, Gail learns of which the kidnappings within the past all 5 years held all sorts of secrets she didn’t know.

For Supervillains Anonymous:

“Chuck vs. the First Date”
The test of character. Every superhero or computer-brained needs to undergo a crucible of which tests their faith. Gail faces the idea of how far she’ll have to go to save her friend. Chuck must determine what’s important to him currently of which he’s got the chance at a normal life. Also, there’s an amazing bluff of which shouldn’t be missed.

“Chuck vs. the Colonel”
The wrongfully accused arc. Supervillains Anonymous features a fugitive story, just like This kind of episode! Sarah as well as Chuck are on the run to keep Chuck out of a bunker, where the secrets in his head will be safe. Gail’s on the run to prove she wasn’t an accomplice to murder. Sarah as well as Chuck hide out in a seedy motel in Barstow. Gail crashes at her boyfriend’s secret as well as very nice mansion. of which’s like the two stories were separated at birth.

“Chuck vs. the Ring”
The power upgrade story. Superheroes require a power upgrade to stay fresh. Gail’s abilities throw her a few curveballs, while Chuck decides if embracing his powers is actually truly worth the sacrifice.

For How to Save the planet:

“Chuck vs. Phase Three”
The…look, I don’t like anything after the first two seasons. yet This kind of episode through the fourth season is actually a gem. Sarah Walker saves her boyfriend as well as single-handedly destroys Thailand within the process. At one point, she emerges through the swamp that has a knife in her teeth. I happen to think Gail is actually pretty badass in How to Save the planet, as her friend’s lives are in danger as well as she, like Sarah, is actually the only one who can save the day. If you like badass ladies, you’ll like This kind of episode. Warnings for transphobic language.

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