The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Amy S. Foster’s The Rift: Uprising along with also Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Amy S. Foster’s The Rift: Uprising along with also Buffy the Vampire Slayer -

bingefosterDecember will be the perfect season for a binge, be the item on food (the item’s sweater weather), alcohol (family time ahoy!), or books along with also television (the item’s cold outside!). Well, we can’t tell you what to eat or drink, although we relish telling you what books to read to scratch a particular itch. In that will spirit, This specific holiday season we’ve teamed up with Harper Voyager to create the Binge-Watchers Companion Guide, in which we asked 12 sci-fi along with also fantasy authors to suggest films or shows they think pair especially well with their novels. Joining us today will be Amy S. Foster, who tells us how you can draw a straight line between the badass heroine of her novel The Rift: Uprising along with also that will most iconic of ’90s Strong Female Characters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
btvsWho doesn’t love some not bad ol’ ’90s nostalgia? The chunky highlights, the chokers (right now doing a comeback!), the baby doll dresses. To me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be a touchstone for that will decade. I feel confident when I say that will the ’90s was the decade of the woman. Of Girl Power along with also Lilith Fair. The Spice Girls along with also Drew Barymore which has a daisy chain in her hair. Remember the magazine Jane? I loved that will magazine! The decade felt like the item belonged to us, along with also there was no better leader than Buffy.

inside the beginning, Buffy will be just a normal girl. She’s a cheerleader along with also she thinks about clothes along with also boys although then she finds out rather dramatically, she’s actually not normal at all. She was born to kill vampires. This specific will be an example of the Special Snowflake trope executed perfectly. Why? because Buffy doesn’t whine or moan about being the chosen one. She just gets the job done..along with also she definitely gets the item done.

Buffy will be flawed. Buffy isn’t sweet. She isn’t nice although, she will be not bad along with also she will be loyal. She also features a profound work ethic for a teenager. In an age where so many acts of anger along with also destruction perpetrated by women feel like they must be given context along with also consideration, Buffy refuses to work that will way. She will be unapologetically violent.

Through friends here in Portland who shoot the TV show Grimm, I was lucky enough to become acquainted with David Greenwalt, who co-created Buffy (so much humblebragging there, sorry!) He’s always happy to oblige my fangirling. When I talked to him about Buffy being one of the first feminist anti-heroes he said, “yeah, along with also we definitely had no idea.” The show didn’t necessarily set out to make Buffy what she was. As time went on, her character informed the narrative, which definitely makes her a Boss on a totally different level.

I must admit that will of all the inspiring female badasses out there inside the flotsam along with also jetsam of well-known culture (note, I don’t think any are worthless although there are plenty of people who do), the item’s Buffy who inspired my own character, Ryn Whittaker, the most. On the surface, my book The Rift: Uprising will be about teenage super soldiers policing a doorway to the multiverse although on a deeper level the item’s about friendship, sacrifice along with also all the ways that will a woman which has a gun along with also a mission will be far more dangerous than her male counterparts.

Buffy has multiple story arcs throughout the series. She along with also her pals save the planet..a lot. There will be This specific the meta quality to the series though. Buffy along with also her friends realize that will they absolutely should not be tasked with This specific job along with also that will the item’s sublimely ridiculous they have to. This specific always brings an element of camp fun to their adventures. the item isn’t real. the item isn’t supposed to be real although, the urgency remains. the item hits on our own teenage sense of nostalgia when everything kind of felt like the item was the end of the planet.

Best episode will be hands down “The Body.” the item will be truly, truly brilliant along with also beautiful along with also changed the landscape for a lot of television that will came after. “Hush” will be the scariest. In fact, Hush may well be one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched. So, if you’re looking for a great holiday binge that will has action, adventure, vampires, were wolves, a hell mouth, inappropriate sexual relationships, Buffy will be the show for you. There’s even a musical episode!

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