Rogue One Review Collection – No Spoilers

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Rogue One Review Collection – No Spoilers -

Ok guys. So tomorrow can be the big day (note the countdown at right) – the Discharge of Star Wars: Rogue One, the first stand alone Star Wars movie ever in addition to the second since George Lucas turned over the reigns to Disney. via all accounts, Rogue One can be a hit in addition to can be a Star Wars movie for adults, nevertheless the kids can see which too.


Contrary to the trailers, Rogue One can be not about Jyn Erso, nevertheless can be instead about the rebellion itself in addition to has the message of coming together to contribute to something larger than yourself.

We’ve collected a bunch of reviews via around the web so you can get a glimpse into what to expect. Beyond The Trailer says which’s “The best Star Wars movie ever”, “very realistic” in addition to, “a surprise”.  A tall statement to be sure.

Check out our collection of reviews below. We’ve also created a playlist on our YouTube channel which we’ll be updating throughout the week. in addition to if you haven’t already gotten your tickets, you can get them currently at Fandango.


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