Once Upon a Time: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Once Upon a Time: Mirror Mirror on the Wall -

First Aired November 13th, 2016.

Snow White/Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) as well as Prince Charming/David (played by Josh Dallas) adjust to life sharing the Sleeping Curse. They leave notes as well as gifts for the additional as a way of communicating while one is usually asleep, yet visibly struggle being apart.

Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) hatches a plan to trap the Evil Queen inside an enchanted mirror. She enlists Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) as well as Henry (played by Jared Gilmore) as bait, who needs a distraction through relationship troubles. However, the Evil Queen anticipated Regina’s plan as well as replaces Regina’s mirror using a fake, trapping Emma as well as Regina within the mirror. The Evil Queen poses as Regina while Emma as well as Regina are unable to contact anyone outside the earth of mirrors. Meanwhile, Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) enlists Zelena/the Wicked Witch (played by Rebecca Mader) for help against Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (played by Robert Carlyle). They ask Aladdin (played by Deniz Akdeniz) for help with stealing the Sorcerers wand to keep Gold through using the magical scissors on Belle’s baby. Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) finds Emma’s phone as well as realizes something is usually wrong, yet the Evil Queen knocks him unconscious before he can do anything. yet after the Evil Queen makes a remark Henry realizes who she genuinely is usually as well as sets out to save Emma as well as Regina.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Teen romance sucks.

Mary Margaret as well as David’s situation is usually a difficult one; being so close yet so far through each additional. The montage of them attempting to make which work was great. Keeping which limited to only a few scenes was a smart choice as there was much more action within the episode, as well as there was only so much which could be milked through watching them pine for the additional while they slept. which is usually once in years (maybe ever?) which Henry had a significant as well as relevant role in an episode’s storyline. Although which was incredulous which he kept going on about his trivial relationship problems while his mothers tried to explain their plan to capture the Evil Queen. Magic mirrors have been a big part of the show, which was interesting getting a peek at what’s on the additional side. Zelena is usually a very unlikely ally for Belle, yet at least she’s managed to continue holding her resolve in keeping her distance through Gold. Of the many times Belle has bounced back as well as forth in her relationship with Gold, which is usually a personal best in terms of how long she’s stayed strong.

Emma as well as Regina are surprised to find the Dragon (played by Tzi Ma) trapped months ago by the Evil Queen, as well as he reveals he found a way to escape, a broken mirror which can act as a portal. Henry confronts the Evil Queen who uses the Dragon’s heart to force him to turn into a dragon as well as attack Emma as well as Regina. She then gives Henry an enchanted hammer as well as tells him to smash the Dragon’s heart in order to save them. Instead, Henry smashes the mirror as well as, combined with the Dragon’s fire, frees everyone, Henry takes the Dragon’s heart back as well as the Queen is usually forced to flee. Meanwhile, Aladdin breaks into Gold’s shop as well as successfully steals the Sorcerer’s wand. He also steals a magic lamp to help Jasmine (played by Karen David) find Agrabah. Gold steals the wand back immediately as well as puts an enchanted wrist cuff to keep track of Belle, who furiously states he will never see their child. When he tries to hurt Zelena, however, which hurts him. When she healed his heart back in brand-new York, which left them magically bonded.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

which’s a lot of bad luck.

The mission to save Agrabah slowly yet surely continues, yet which’s such an underdeveloped story which’s hard to care. Also, who else was genuinely disappointed we didn’t get a cameo through Genie when Aladdin pulled out which lamp? So far the Evil Queen’s master plan of turning everyone against each additional has only brought them closer together as a family as well as in their opposition to her. She keeps trying to get them to kill innocent people no matter how many times which plan fails. Side note: which’s frustrating which mirror prison which was inescapable had several ways out; we all know they’re going to escape—yet don’t make which so easy. At which point which’s clear Gold just doesn’t care about how he comes off to Belle anymore, as well as since his unborn son already hates him he’s bent on forcing them to be with him. yet a fun twist was seeing Zelena pull a fast one on Gold, which’s nice to see someone finally turn the tables on him for a change.

The Evil Queen goes to Gold. Gold proposes they work together in order to get what they want. yet before they can celebrate, he reveals he needs her to kill Zelena, which leaves the Evil Queen visibly shocked. I could have sworn these two were already working together, yet apparently which wasn’t official without a kiss. as well as the sisterly bonding between the Evil Queen as well as Zelena appears to be over; the Evil Queen features a past of killing family members to get what she wants.


“Nice try, yet you can’t Darth Vader me. I’ll never join you.”

If I were Emma as well as Regina, I might have spent more time spying on people through their mirrors. which seems like too Great an opportunity to pass up.

“Love is usually weakness.” “Love can be weakness, yet which can also be a weapon.”

If there’s one bright side to Mary Margaret as well as David’s situation, which’s they each always look well-rested.

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