Once Upon a Time: Labor Pains

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Once Upon a Time: Labor Pains -

First Aired November 27th, 2016.

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (played by Robert Carlyle) chases a fairy through a boiler room as well as uses magical powder to age her to an old woman. Belle (played by Emile de Ravin) realizes he plans to use the powder to accelerate her pregnancy as well as use the magical shears to steal their son.

Belle is usually met in her dreams by her unborn son (played by Giles Matthey), who begs her to save him by Gold. Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) realizes they can use squid ink to paralyze Gold as well as take the shears. The Evil Queen (played by Lana Parrilla) attempts to kill the Wicked Witch/Zelena (played by Rebecca Mader) for Gold, yet is usually stopped by Regina, who threatens to crush their shared heart as well as forces her to leave. yet Regina makes the item clear she can never forgive Zelena for the role she played in Robin Hood’s (played by Sean Maguire) death. Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) as well as Hook use the ink on Gold, yet Emma has more visions of which stun her, allowing Gold to escape. Flashbacks show Rumple stealing a baby as well as forcing Belle to take care of the item while he prepares a ritual for the item. While he’s gone, she attempts to find out what he’s up to by translating an incantation, yet Rumple merely used her to translate the item to complete his spell. within the present, Gold tracks down Belle to accelerate her pregnancy, yet after an emotional exchange where she asks if the item’s worth losing her forever, he leaves.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Custody disagreement.

The Nightmare on Elm Street inspired opening was great as well as a fitting element since much of the episode dealt with dreams. Zelena has one sister who wants to kill her, as well as another who can’t forgive her: she’s run out of family. With all the focus on Gold as well as the Evil Queen, the item seems the Land of Untold Stories plot is usually officially over. Gold as well as the Evil Queen are great villains, yet the entire storyline with the Land of Untold Stories right now feels like an afterthought. Half the season was invested in of which story, as well as for the item to not even get a proper ending feels like a waste of fan’s time. When compared with everything happening within the present, the flashbacks were boring. Sure they related to the main story, yet not every episode needs flashbacks. Belle managed to get through to Gold at least briefly, yet he’s too stubborn as well as tragic to ever come around. The only real question is usually how much worse can Gold make his already bad relationship with his family.

Jasmine (played by Karen David) uses a lamp, hoping to find Agrabah by wishing herself there, yet finds there is usually no genie. Aladdin (played by Deniz Akdeniz) decides to trap himself within the lamp as a genie in order to help Jasmine. Flashbacks show the Blue Fairy (played by Keegan Connor Tracy) freeing Belle so she can save the baby before Rumple uses the item to summon the evil Black Fairy (played by Jamie Murray). Rumple summons the Black Fairy as well as reveals he is usually her son as well as asks why she abandoned him. She claims the item was for power before she leaves, as well as Belle returns the baby to its parents. within the present, while drinking tea within the diner, Belle’s pregnancy accelerates, as well as she realizes her drink was spiked with the potion. She gives birth within the convent as well as has the Blue Fairy take the baby away to keep him out of Gold’s reach, which her son requested in her dream just before his birth. Gold is usually devastated when he finds out as well as Belle refuses to even tell him his name (Gideon) as well as he vows to find their son.

The entire subplot with Aladdin as well as Jasmine felt like the item was an afterthought while the episode was being written. Their story isn’t over since Jasmine didn’t wish themselves to Agrabah, yet whether they play any role within the finale remains to be seen. Rumple is usually the son of the Black Fairy, because what’s another long-lost family member in of which tangled family tree? Besides, if these characters keep getting multiple flashback episodes per season, there needs to be fresh material to cover. The average pregnancy in Storybrooke has only been about two months as well as of which’s something women in real life might probably love. Belle made the tough choice to give up her son as well as right now Gold is usually right back where he began within the series beginning; finding a son taken by him. Although Once generally faults itself by repeating storylines too often, the tragic course of Gold’s family life makes his journey all the more enjoyable to watch.

The Evil Queen visits Gold as well as admits she accelerated Belle’s pregnancy, as well as he swears revenge as well as trashes his shop in anger at losing another son. Emma as well as Hook go to the shop looking for answers to her visions, as well as find the sword used to kill her within the vision as well as resolve to find the person who will kill her. Gold has managed to push everyone close to him out of his life, even his evil allies, yet somehow I have a feeling he’s going to sink lower. right now of which Emma has the weapon of which will kill her, she should just destroy the item to stop the prophecy instead of hunting down a mystery person.


“I play a very long game, as well as you, you’re nothing more than one of my pawns.”

Let’s be honest, there’s virtually no chance Emma is usually going to die. yet without her “death” visions, she doesn’t have much else to show because of of which season.

“Why even bother saving me?” “Because of which’s what heroes do Zelena. They save people, even the people who have hurt them in unimaginable ways.”

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