Indie Spotlight: On Sunday – A David Lea Short

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Indie Spotlight: On Sunday – A David Lea Short -


What happens when an MTV Best VFX Nominee goes indie short film director? Magic.

Film industry veteran David Lea’s “On Sunday” can be a charming sci-fi short with heart along with also a wonderful message. the idea reminded me of Up, the way David artfully reveals our main, melancholy character’s life sans dialog. along with also, like Up, there can be an adventure ahead for our somber lead. After all, who said “Nothing ever happens On Sunday”?

You can watch the 7 minute short below along with also learn more about the award winning “On Sunday” at the film’s website. The story behind the story, coming from the director himself, follows.

coming from The Director: ‘ON SUNDAY‘ took 5 years to complete – mainly because I did the idea ‘Gareth Edwards’ style taking on around 0% of the film’s production along with also post production myself along with also having to learn around 5 different CG packages coming from scratch in order to create the ship wreck which features inside the film.

This specific film can be a thank you to my Dad, who actually stars inside the film. Way back in 1984 he hand built a cabin bed for my bedroom along with also underneath This specific, made coming from wood, flashing lights along with also copper piping he’d constructed a spaceship cockpit. I was 6 years old along with also via fuzzy VHS’s already indoctrinated inside the ways of the force, last star fighters along with also Xenomorphs – my dad used to censor the scary bits by recording Sunday Cricket over them. The finished cabin bed was a fledgling geek’s dream come true.

31 years later I thought the idea was past time to repay the favour along with also build him his very own spaceship. – David Lea

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