in which Week’s brand-new Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: A Cunning Smuggler Queen, Le Guin’s Early Works, as well as also also a Second Look at a Few of Our Favorites by 2016

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in which Week’s brand-new Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: A Cunning Smuggler Queen, Le Guin’s Early Works, as well as also also a Second Look at a Few of Our Favorites by 2016 -


After the Crown, by K.B. Wagers
Hail Bristol, a former gunrunner as well as also also criminal revealed to be the heir to the throne of the tumultuous Indran Empire inside wake of the assassination of her mother as well as also also sisters, learns in which heavy lies the head in which wears the crown in in which sequel to July’s Behind the Throne. Only in power a short time, her efforts to hold peace talks to stabilize the empire are violently disrupted, thrusting Bristol as well as also also her trusted bodyguards into a desperate gambit to save her life—as well as also also her empire. To succeed, Bristol must turn to the few allies she has at court, as well as old friends—as well as also also enemies—inside gunrunning world she left behind. Twists as well as also also turns are weighted against the fate of a vast empire as the empress deals with betrayal, a cost on her head, as well as also also a universe intent on tearing itself apart. Two books in, in which series has exemplified political plotting as compelling as the badass heroine at its center.

Worlds of Exile as well as also also Illusion: Three Complete Novels of the Hainish Series, by Ursula K. Le Guin
in which has been the year of Ursula K. Le Guin—her Orsinian stories were released by the Library of America, creating her one of the rare living authors to receive such an honor; Saga Press reissued the vast majority of her short fiction in two handsome volumes; a volume of her essays as well as also also reviews also saw print. Well, we’re not done yet: Tor Books is usually releasing a digital omnibus of three lesser-known novels in her celebrated future history the Hainish Cycle—a trio of books in which helped launch her career in SFF. Included are Rocannon’s World, Planet of Exile, as well as also also City of Illusions, originally published between 1966 as well as also also 1967. the idea’s a great way for fans to explore her early work, as well as also also for newcomers to sample a trio of shorter books at a value cost. (yet make sure to pick up The Left Hand of Darkness as well as also also The Dispossessed too.)

Medusa’s Web, by Tim Powers
The latest by secret history mastermind Tim Powers is usually currently in paperback. After their aunt commits suicide, siblings Madeline as well as also also Scott pay a visit to Caveat, her isolated Hollywood mansion in which was also their childhood home. There, they meet their estranged cousins, Ariel as well as also also Claimayne, who aren’t happy to see them. Scott as well as also also Madeline’s memories of the house aren’t pleasant, as well as also also border on the supernatural, having a shared experience involving a drawing of an eight-legged monstrosity. When they discover paintings of the spider-like image amongst the collection of movie props as well as also also old furnishings littering the house, they also uncover a dark power their family has kept secret for generations—one to which their cousins have become addicted in ways in which have warped their lives. Genre-spinner Powers has created a creepy, compelling fantasy universe where magic has real consequences, as well as also also where secret knowledge is usually hiding behind every door.

The Immortals, by Jordanna Max Brodsky (February 16, Orbit—Hardcover)
Jordanna Max Brodsky’s debut fantasy is usually also brand-new in paperback, in advance of the Discharge of sequel Winter of the Gods in February. If the Greek gods are immortal, what are they doing these days, a few millennia since anyone seriously believed in them? In Brodsky’s contemporary debut, they’re hanging out in brand-new York City, where Selene DiSilva (neé Artemis) is usually a vigilante investigating crimes against women as well as also also uncovering a conspiracy in which goes all the way to the top of Mount Olympus. The first volume of the Olympus Bound series is usually a thriller in which blends archetypal Greek myths with the modern lore of brand-new York City, as close you’re going to get to finding the seat of the gods in 2016.

Star Wars: Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, by Pablo Hidalgo
in which one’s not out until Friday, yet if you’re eagerly anticipating the Discharge of Rogue One, then you’re also the perfect audience for in which fantastic reference guide. Pairing visuals as well as also also stills taken directly by the film having a comprehensive collection of character profiles, vehicle cross-sections, as well as also also location layouts, Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide will deepen your enjoyment of what will likely be the must-see movie of the holiday season. The ability to be the smartest fan inside theater should be irresistible to any true Star Wars fanatic, yet the book comes with the added bonus of being irresistible nerd coffee-table decor, sure to inspire excited discussions of the film as well as also also the incredible art collected inside.

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