Exclusive Cover Reveal: Firebrand by Kristen Britain

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Exclusive Cover Reveal: Firebrand by Kristen Britain -


inside the nearly 20 years since the Discharge of Green Rider in 1998, Kristen Britain’s same-titled high fantasy series has grown to become one of the most beloved inside the genre, producing its way onto bestseller lists on the strength of imaginative worldbuilding (the landscape of the realm of Sacoridia informed by her decades spent working for the National Forest Service as park ranger) as well as an irresistible cast of characters.

Oh, as well as the wonderful cover art probably hasn’t hurt either. The first two books featured evocative work via Keith Parkinson; after his untimely passing in 2005, Donato Giancola took over as well as created the covers for the next four volumes—including book six, Firebrand, the follow-up to 2014’s Mirror Sight, which we’re happy to show off to you today, courtesy of DAW Books. Check the item out below the publisher’s blurb (which does include some spoilers for earlier books), as well as preorder a copy in advance of the Discharge on February 28, 2017.

Zachary Davriel Hillander, High King of Sacoridia, rues how much he has had to give up to lead his realm, including the freedom to live as well as love as he chooses. When an embassy via Eletia arrives to propose a joint venture between their realms to seek out an old ally inside the north, he is usually dismayed to learn in which the one Sacoridian they have in mind to accompany their guide is usually the woman he truly loves nevertheless cannot have: Green Rider Karigan G’ladheon.
Karigan has only just returned via a dark future where Sacoridia has been conquered as well as is usually ruled by a despotic emperor, as well as she has not recovered in heart or mind. As if in which is usually not enough, the castle ghosts won’t leave her alone. Though Zachary is usually loath to part via her so soon after her return, he knows she is usually the best choice to undertake the mission to the north.

Each step on their journey places Karigan as well as her companions closer to enemy territory as well as danger, for northward lie the forces of Second Empire, Sacoridia’s longtime foe, as well as Grandmother, the necromantic leader of Second Empire, has not been idle. She uses her magic to summon a wild elemental spirit to wreak havoc upon Zachary as well as his wife, Queen Estora. At first the Sacoridians succeed in fending off the creature, nevertheless the item so covets Estora in which the item can’t stay away. the item abducts Zachary, assuming his form as well as his place at Estora’s side—nevertheless when the item is usually finally ousted, Zachary is usually still missing. Estora, alone as well as heavy with twins, must prepare her realm for the coming conflict via the confines of her bedchamber.

Meanwhile, the danger only deepens for Karigan as well as her companions as they journey north. When she finds herself caught inside the midst of a clash between forces, Karigan must rescue as well as protect her king before she falls into a trap set by Grandmother—a trap in which could give Second Empire the power to control the dead as well as all the demons of the hells.

firebrand-front-coverPreorder Firebrand, available February 28, 2017.

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