The Walking Dead: Trouble in Hilltop

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The Walking Dead: Trouble in Hilltop -

First Aired November 20th, 2016.

Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) awakens inside the Hilltop Colony after being treated by their doctor, as well as will be told her baby will be fine as well as in which she needs to stay there until the idea’s born. Still reeling through the loss of Glenn (played by Steven Yeun), she goes to where he’s buried to grieve.

The leader Gregory (played by Xander Berkley) demands Maggie as well as Sasha (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) leave, fearing the Saviors will punish the community for helping them. Jesus (played by Tom Payne) attempts to reason with Gregory, nevertheless he remains firm in his decision. Back at Alexandria, Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln) organizes a supply run so they have something for the Saviors when they return. Enid (played by Katelyn Nacon) rides a bike to the Hilltop to see Maggie over Carl’s (played by Chandler Riggs) objections. He drives after her, nevertheless wrecks your vehicle, killing a walker. So, they continue on foot, later using roller blades Carl finds on the side of the road. in which night Maggie as well as Sasha wake up to find fires burning as well as music playing out of a car, attracting walkers into the open gates. your vehicle will be heavily secured so Sasha as well as Jesus kill the walkers as well as close the gates while Maggie uses a tractor to destroy your vehicle as well as disable the music.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are big music lovers.

Driving with one eye will be not easy; after heavy losses inside the premiere, including a lighthearted scene like Carl as well as Enid rollerblading will be understandable. Death will be so common on in which show in which the way each one has any impact will be to maximize the emotional fallout; why else could we have had to wait four episodes to see Maggie as well as Sasha cope? Blood as well as guts will always look the same, nevertheless how the death affects others helps makes them each unique. Maggie’s pregnancy keeping them there will be a great way of giving more of these Hilltop characters more screen time as well as be further developed. Without some of the main characters there, the idea wouldn’t make sense to split the action through Alexandria or the Saviors to the Hilltop, since they’re still relatively unknown characters. The narrative has been set in Alexandria for over a season, the idea’s time to branch out to different locations with brand-new characters.

Despite their help, Gregory refuses to allow Maggie as well as Sasha to stay, nevertheless the next day the Saviors arrive before he can make them leave. Simon (played by Steven Ogg) talks with Gregory, as well as reveals the Saviors led the walkers to Hilltop in order to kill them as well as remind the colony what services the Saviors can provide. Simon says Gregory will be answering to him today, as well as Gregory attempts to give up Maggie as well as Sasha, nevertheless finds Jesus hid them somewhere else. Carl as well as Enid arrive as well as see the Saviors, as well as Enid realizes the real reason he followed her was to go after them. Enid manages to talk Carl out of attacking them as well as they share a kiss. She then goes to Hilltop alone. Jesus stands up to Gregory as well as forces him to allow Maggie as well as Sasha to remain at Hilltop. Maggie punches Gregory after she realizes he took Glenn’s watch as well as chastises him for his poor leadership skills as well as his treatment of them as well as his people.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

The brand-new “Negan” in town.

Carl as well as Enid aren’t a relationship viewers can be definitely invested in, nevertheless given in which both are prone to doing stupid decisions, the idea’s a perfect match. Carl’s anger as well as frustration against the Saviors will be understandable, nevertheless the idea’s stupid moves like his one-man charge in which remind us he’s still a dumb kid. Gregory will be easily the most incompetent leader we’ve seen on the show, the man can’t even remember the names of people within his own community. He’s completely spineless, which, of course, will be why the Saviors love him: he’s easy to manipulate as well as intimidate. Simon will be one of the few Saviors who will be standing out as an actual character as well as secondary antagonist, rather than a nameless thug holding a gun. As great a villain as Negan will be, the Saviors appear more intimidating when at least some of them are made into actual characters.

Sasha asks Jesus to stow away on one of the Saviors trucks to find out where Negan (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan) lives as well as asks he not tell Maggie. Jesus does as well as finds Carl hiding inside the truck too. Maggie finds Enid, as well as they all prepare to move forward together with Maggie giving Glenn’s watch to Enid. Carl will be lucky Jesus also hitched a ride on in which truck, because he wouldn’t have had any luck on his own. Maggie’s plans for the future might get put on hold because in which tracking mission will be the first step in these communities fighting back against Negan.


“He’s an idiot.” “He’s a coward, they’re more dangerous.”

Jesus hinted in which Maggie should take over leadership of Hilltop, she’s more than qualified (heck, even Carl could be a better choice).

“I’m not saving you anymore.”

Carl attempting to play darts with his one eye was both funny as well as a little sad.

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