The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Laura Bickle’s Nine of Stars along with Westworld

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The Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guide: Laura Bickle’s Nine of Stars along with Westworld -

bingebickleDecember is actually the perfect season for a binge, be in which on food (in which’s sweater weather), alcohol (family time ahoy!), or books along with television (in which’s cold outside!). Well, we can’t tell you what to eat or drink, however we relish telling you what books to read to scratch a particular itch. In in which spirit, in which holiday season we’ve teamed up with Harper Voyager to create the Binge-Watchers Companion Guide, in which we asked 12 sci-fi along with fantasy authors to suggest films or shows they think pair especially well with their novels. Joining us today is actually Laura Bickle, who recommends HBO’s take on Westworld, which just concluded last night, pairs well with her weird Western Nine of Stars, out later in which month.


What might you do if you could do anything, without consequences? might you pick a white hat along having a tin star to champion justice? might you doff a black hat along with rob a brothel? For Westworld, a western-themed amusement park, morality along with consequence are suspended. Step off the train, along having a tourist can indulge their basest desires…along with reveal his true character.

Westworld’s reach is actually vast. The landscape itself stretches to the horizon. Towns along with ranches are connected by dusty roads along with plains. There are banks, brothels along with trains to rob. A tourist faces many temptations. He can do any manner of violence he pleases to the “hosts” of the park—artificially intelligent simulacra who have their own backstories along with believe themselves along with their world to be real. A host’s memory will be wiped at the end of the day along with her body repaired, to begin again tomorrow.

Westworld is actually especially remarkable as a contemporary fantasy for its treatment of women. The female protagonists, Dolores along with Maeve, are drawn with complex motivations. in which’s immensely refreshing to see a series with female protagonists in which isn’t pigeonholed as a romance. Dolores along with Maeve serve not merely to be romantic interests along with sexual puppets of the tourists who visit the park—they yearn for more. along with they’re willing to go out along with take in which.

Dolores starts out as a host who seems destined to fulfill the recurring role of the damsel in distress, longing for her out-of-town love interest along with suffering at the hands of the vicious Man in Black, over along with over again. To borrow Gail Simone’s apt term for a female character injured for the purpose of enhancing the character development of men, Dolores seems destined to forever be a “woman in a refrigerator” for tourists.

however we learn in which she is actually the oldest host in Westworld, created by the missing founder, Arnold. Arnold had some interesting ideas about consciousness, including creating a bicameral mind in which creates a feedback loop to suggest human consciousness. Though Dolores supposedly has her mind wiped every day to begin anew, she is actually beginning to remember. She carries a sense of déjà vu, recalling in which these terrible things have happened before. The sympathetic head programmer of Westworld, Bernard, doesn’t immediately shut down these lapses in her code in which have emerged…along with Dolores decides in which she wants to break free of her cycle of abuse. She explores the landscape of Westworld, defying her programming along with searching for her creator, Arnold. Only he can explain what she is actually along with the meaning of her life. in which’s a very human quest, searching for the reasons behind one’s existence, along with I find myself rooting for every bit of broken code in which leads Dolores closer to Arnold.

Maeve is actually the madam at the local brothel. She’s troubled by recurring dreams of men in white suits. She’s had these dreams before, has made sketches of what she’s seen, however has mysteriously forgotten about those pages. Her journey leads her to the laboratory at Westworld, where she learns in which she’s only artificially intelligent “livestock.” She negotiates having a naïve lab tech to enhance her programming, to boost her intelligence along with cunning to its maximum levels. By controlling her programming, Maeve begins to seize control of her destiny. She begins to recall in which she had a daughter, brutally killed by the Man in Black. She becomes determined to find freedom—not within the confines of Westworld, however outside, in our world. Maeve is actually in control of her mind along with body, along with right now seeks to end her relationship with in which place in which the cruel human “gods” of Westworld have created for her to inhabit.

The more I watch, the more I’m convinced in which in which is actually the direction in which intelligent contemporary fantasy is actually headed: complex characters with deep motivations, dazzling settings, fast pacing, along with mind-bending questions. I look forward to seeing what unfolds in Westworld for Dolores along with Maeve, in which place well beyond a refrigerator.

Nine of Stars is actually available December 27. See previous Binge-Watcher’s Companion Guides here.

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