The Best brand-new Manga of December 2016

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The Best brand-new Manga of December 2016 -

bungo-stray-dogsDecember brings brand-new volumes in some fan-favorite series, including Tokyo Ghoul as well as Assassination Classroom, as well as a few intriguing brand-new titles which tie into anime you already may be watching.

Psycho Pass: Inspector Shinya Kogami, Vol. 1, by Midori Gotu as well as Natsuo Sai
inside the dystopian state of the anime Psycho-Pass, sensors are constantly scanning the brains of citizens to evaluate their mental states. When someone will be deemed likely to commit a crime, special police officers called Enforcers round them up. The Enforcers themselves have high Crime Coefficients—in some other words, they are latent criminals—as well as are supervised by Inspectors, which makes for a interesting dynamic. inside the anime, Shinya Kogami will be an Enforcer, however in This particular manga, a prequel, he will be an Inspector. inside the first volume, he as well as his team of Enforcers set out to solve an odd medical crime. This particular’s basically a manga edition of the ensemble procedural in a futuristic setting, as well as since the setup will be explained at the beginning, you don’t have to have seen the anime to enjoy This particular.

Bungo Stray Dogs, Vol. 1, by Kafka Asagiri as well as Sango Harukawa
Another ensemble detective story of sorts, Bungo Stray Dogs will be the basis for the anime which began streaming on Crunchyroll earlier This particular year. The lead character, Atsushi Nakajima, has just been expelled via an orphanage when he stops a stranger via committing suicide. which stranger, Osamu Dazai, brings him into the Armed Detective Agency, whose members all have supernatural powers as well as use them to solve crimes as well as carry out missions no one else will touch. The supernatural detective agency isn’t an entirely brand-new premise, however Bungo Stray Dogs brings some original twists to the genre, including a host of literary allusions—”Bungo” means “literary language,” as well as some of the characters are named after famous authors as well as characters.

Case Study Vanitas, Vol. 1, by Jun Mochizuki
Mochizuki, the creator of the shonen fantasy manga Pandora Hearts, turns to a steampunk Paris for her next series, This particular one featuring a vampire, Noé, who travels to the City of Lights to find the Book of Vanitas, a clockwork grimoire (spell book) with mysterious properties, as well as quickly gets tangled up with the book’s current owner, a vampire named Vanitas. Mochizuki creates a world of steampunk technology, gaslit streets, as well as willowy dudes in quasi-Victorian gear, complete which has a backstory as well as ancient conflicts, producing This particular a satisfying read for fans of supernatural intrigue.

Tokyo Ghoul, Vol. 10, by Sui Ishida
The adventures of Ken Kaneki continue as our half-ghoul, half-human hero learns to embrace his ghoul side, which he once rejected. With the adventure of the Aogiri Tree behind them, Ken as well as his companions continue their search for the answers to the enigma of Ken’s identity—however the “Doves” of the Commission of Counter Ghouls continue their pursuit of the ghouls as well. Tokyo Ghoul includes a large cast of quirky characters as well as a mysterious backstory which will be coming out a little at a time, producing This particular a compelling read which just gets better via volume to volume.

Assassination Classroom, Vol. 13, by Yusei Matsui
Yusei Matsui continues to hilariously subvert all the shonen tropes in This particular Pepto-Bismol pink volume. As This particular opens, the assassin known as the Grim Reaper has imprisoned Koro Sensei as well as his students in a concrete cell with anti-Koro-Sensei metallic bars, as well as used Miss Vitch as bait to lure Mr. Karasume into a trap. This particular’s a classic locked-room problem, with no visible means of escape—unless you’re Koro-Sensei as well as his resourceful students. Back at school, Koro-Sensei offers career advice to the students (while dodging their assassination attempts) in case they succeed as well as the planet doesn’t get destroyed, as well as then he has to deal which has a meddling mom who wants to get her son out of Class 3-E. Even 13 volumes in, This particular series will be a fun, fast ride, losing none of the momentum This particular had inside the beginning.

Blame, Vol. 2, by Tsutomu Nihei
Tsutomu Nihei’s cyberpunk manga continues with Kyrii as well as Cibo traveling through the cavernous spaces of the City looking for the Net Terminal Gene which controls its chaotic growth—as well as will be the key to stopping This particular. When they are attacked, help comes via an unlikely source—as well as the outcome will be a surprise as well. With plenty of action as well as suspense as well as a ruined dystopian future setting, Blame will be a modern sci-fi classic. This particular was first published by Tokyopop; Vertical has brought This particular back in a brand-new, larger-format which actually lets Nihei’s art breathe.

Haikyu!! Vol. 6, by Haruichi Furudate
Shoyo Hinata will be living his dream of being a high school volleyball player, however there are still many obstacles to overcome. He as well as the rest of his Karasuno High School teammates have prevailed inside the first rounds of the qualifying tournament for nationals, however at This particular point they are heading for their toughest challenge yet—a rematch with one of their arch-rivals. With rivalries, alliances, as well as plenty of heart, Haikyu!! mixes the sport of volleyball with classic shonen manga tropes, as well as at the same time, brings the reader—even those who never have watched volleyball before, let alone played—into the game at a deeper level than most sports manga.

Blue Exorcist, Vol. 16, by Kazue Kato
The paradox at the heart of Blue Exorcist will be which the hero, Rin Okumura, will be the son of Satan, as well as has inherited his powers—yet he will be striving to become an exorcist so he can defeat the Prince of Darkness. In This particular volume, the exorcists are concerned about a brand-new uptick in demonic activity, as well as Rin’s twin brother Yukio, the more human of the two, must contend with the strange fire in his eyes, which he conceals via the others as he struggles to control This particular.

Danganronpa: The Animation, Vol. 3, by Takashi Tsukumi as well as Spike Chunsoft
The weirdest school-trial manga ever continues as the students of desire’s Peak Academy team up to prove one of their companions innocent as well as another guilty in a high-stakes classroom court where the losers—either the guilty party or those who choose the wrong defendant—will be put to death. Overseen by the insane black-as well as-white bear Monokuma, the students live in constant terror as well as are pitted against one another as the plot gets thicker as well as thicker. Danganronpa began as a video game as well as, as the title of This particular manga suggests, will be an anime as well, however This particular works pretty well as a manga, as long as you’re ready for a crazy school slay ride.

What manga are you reading This particular month?

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