Star Wars: 10+ Things to Know About Knights of the Fallen Empire (KOTET) – SWTOR 5.0

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Star Wars: 10+ Things to Know About Knights of the Fallen Empire (KOTET) – SWTOR 5.0 -

Vaylin – Daughter of Senya as well as Emporer Valkorion

If you already know what Knights of the Old Replublic is actually, you can skip This specific as well as the next 2 paragraphs. If you don’t, read on.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Are you a gamer? Have you ever wanted to be a jedi or otherwise live inside Star Wars Universe?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions as well as haven’t heard of Star Wars The Old Republic, get ready to live out your Star Wars fantasy in your own, personal Star Wars story via none some other than Bioware, the masters of story-driven role playing games. If you’re not already playing or haven’t played in a while, you can get a ton of free stuff using our link when you sign up.

Learn more about the game here.

Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET) is actually the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as constitutes SWTOR update 5.0. Here are 10+ things you need to know about the idea.

1. Bioware star writer Drew Karpyshyn, who also wrote the bulk of the brand-new KOTET expansion, has written a short story to give the background on the first full KOTET trailer above. You can read the short story here.

2. KOTET contains 9 playable chapters in which pick up where the last 16 chapter expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire (KOTFE) leaves off. There will be 2 brand-new planets explored inside expansion as well as revisits to existing planets. the idea is actually highly advisable to complete at lest the Voss Star Fortress before starting KOTET if you haven’t yet done the idea.

KOTET is actually available free to all SWTOR subscribers as a subscriber reward. Early access starts 11/29 with availability to all subscribers starting on December 2, 2016. the idea is actually not available to free or preferred players.

The 9 chapters are playable in different difficulty levels as well as are replayable. Though, the only play-through in which will affect your story is actually the first. The 16 KOTFE chapters are also replayable as of the launch of KOTET.

Senya in Battle

Senya, Zakuul Knight, mother of Vaylin, estranged wife of Valkorion.

3. KOTET takes players to level 70 as well as is actually heavy on group content with the introduction of “Uprisings” – short, fast-paced nevertheless challenging missions crafted mainly for combat-driven gameplay designed for 4 players. Think of them as “mini flashpoints”. nevertheless don’t underestimate them.

With 2, as well as soon to be 3, combat levels, as well as waves of randomizing enemies, SWTOR Uprisings are reported to be every bit as challenging as full 8-man flashpoints. There will be 5 Uprisings available with the launch of KOTET. A full uprising preview via Max as well as Sema of the SWTOR Escape Podcast is actually below.

4. KOTET a.k.a. SWTOR 5.0 introduces Galactic Command, the brand-new end-game reward system available to all subscribers at level 70. Command XP is actually earned for any gameplay you do at level 70 as well as rewards “Command Crates” affectionately called “CCs”. CCs will contain loot including end-game gear, cosmetic armor, weapons, crafting materials as well as more.

Command XP is actually by character as well as not legacy-wide. They are considering a catch-up mechanic for alts nevertheless no confirmation as yet as to whether or not the idea will occur.

5. All end-game gear vendors are going away as well as being replaced by earning CCs through Command XP. There will be a 20% Command XP boost available on the Cartel Market as well as the maximum Command Rank available at launch will be 300. After you reach rank 300, you will still earn CCs. The video below via Zak Ember gives a Great overview on preparing for the expansion.


6. All classes are receiving updates to their abilities in 5.0. Advanced classes are currently chosen at level 1 as well as each advanced class will gain a brand-new tier of abilities. The video below via SWTOR Central gives a Great overview of the modifications.

7. Dark vs. Light: Starting at level 1, all players will earn Dark as well as Light points to sway the balance of the Force on their server. Winning will cause large-group boss battles around the galaxy as well as everyone will earn rewards based on their character alignment. The boss battles are designed for 8 – 16 players.

The DvL competition is actually meant to occur quickly, every couple of hours, with victories (as well as losses) happening more than once per day on a given server.

The DvL competition brings with the idea a brand-new reward currency – DvL tokens. These tokens allow you to purchase brand-new cosmetic items based on your alignment.

The video below via Dulfy contains the last SWTOR 5.0 developer live stream covering all the modifications as well as additions coming including a full explanation of the Dark vs. Light battles as well as rewards. The SWTOR website also includes a blog entry describing Dark vs. Light competition.

8. There are multiple 5 year anniversary awards available to all players, including free as well as preferred.

5-Year Celebration Jawa; Senya Holo Trainer – allows you to train brand-new abilities wherever you are; 7-Piece Poster Art Collection – 7 posters to decorate your stronghold – each piece celebrates a different milestone as well as expansion over the 5 year history of SWTOR; Dromund Kaas as well as Coruscant Strongholds available for only 5000 credits.

The 5 year rewards are available starting December 13th through January 16th, 2017. Full details are on the SWTOR website here.


SWTOR 5th Anniversary Player Rewards

9. There are several things you should do to prepare for the 5.0 expansion due to the modifications occurring:

  • Spend all of your in-game commendations on either companion gifts, which you can sell for credits, gear or decorations. They will be removed via the game as well as exchanged for a low amount of credits – less than you can sell the gifts they’ll currently buy for.
  • Turn in any gear tokens you have for gear.
  • If you have unlocks for Flashpoints, Warzones, etc., in your guild bank, take them out as well as keep them in your personal inventory. These will be converted to Cartel Coins ONLY if one of your characters has them, nevertheless if they’re in your guild bank, they will have no value as well as will essentially be lost. These unlocks are being removed via the game since all end-game will be subscriber only.
  • On the 28th, queue up all your characters with crafting missions before you log off as well as do not claim the missions. When you log in, you’ll earn crafting XP for the brand-new crafting level.

The video below via SWTOR TV gives an overview of how to prepare for KOTET.

10. Once you’ve signed up for the game, you can use This specific SWTOR brand-new York Cantina Mount Code – NYCantina16 – to get a free in-game vehicle as well as a cosmetic reward.

Just log in/sign-up as well as go to your account page. Click “Code Redemption” on the side menu as well as enter the code NYCantina16. The next time you log in to the game as well as you will receive the Korrealis Sheriff speeder in your mailbox.You’ll also get one for every character you currently have as well as any you create inside future.

I’ve personally been playing SWTOR since early access 5 years ago. the idea’s a thoroughly enjoyable game as well as extremely well done. the idea has depth as well as fun as well as exciting game play for solo as well as group players. If you subscribe currently, you’ll not only receive the KOTET expansion, nevertheless you’ll receive all previous expansions up to currently. as well as, if you use This specific link, you’ll get some free gifts as well as a week of subscriber level benefits, if you were a past subscriber.

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