Once Upon a Time: Heartless

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Once Upon a Time: Heartless -

First Aired November 6th, 2016.

The Evil Queen (played by Lana Parrilla) intimidates Snow White/Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) into giving up her heart in addition to Prince Charming/David’s (played by Josh Dallas). She gives Mary Margaret a vial, in addition to says she has twelve hours to decide, or she will use the idea on the whole town.

Regina realizes of which the vial contains water through the River of Lost Souls in addition to of which Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (played by Robert Carlyle) gave the idea to her. Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) researches ways to neutralize the water while the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior (played by Keegan Connor Tracy) reveals a way to imprison the Evil Queen. the idea’s a magical tree sapling made through the spark of a first True Love, nevertheless a locator spell could alert Gold in addition to the Evil Queen to its presence. In flashbacks, Snow White sells family heirlooms in addition to fights off assassins as she prepares to flee the kingdom to escape the Evil Queen. David will be heading to the same seaport town in an attempt to save his failing farm, nevertheless will be drugged by the Woodcutter (played by Paul Johansson), who uses his dog to track down Snow for the reward. Regina reveals she in addition to Gold had a romantic past in addition to arranges for the Wicked Witch/Zelena (played by Rebecca Mader) to catch Gold in addition to the Evil Queen kissing, which leaves her jealous in addition to causes her skin to turn green. However, they realize Regina set them up as Mary Margaret, David, in addition to Regina locate the sapling.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Talk about water pollution.

Finally, the Evil Queen will be living up to the “evil” part of her title in addition to stepping up her efforts to kill Snow in addition to Charming. in addition to check out Belle finally being involved in something some other than being caught up in Gold’s schemes. I’ve resigned myself to the fact of which True Love will always be part of the show, nevertheless lately the idea’s being shoved down our throats more than usual. the idea’s like whenever there’s a conflict, half the time True Love will be the solution; of which’s just lazy writing to have of which solve problems over in addition to over. The flashbacks weren’t anything fresh, same old “Snow running through the Queen” story; nevertheless seeing Snow in addition to Charming back when they used to be more active heroes will be always a treat. Gold in addition to the Evil Queen make a pretty balanced couple, although the idea’s kind of gross when you consider he also dated her mother. I couldn’t tell if Zelena was more jealous of The Evil Queen or Gold for not being with her. Either way, she has very deep-rooted self-esteem problems in addition to if she doesn’t do something about the idea, she’ll have to buy clothes of which match green skin.

Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) worries she may not be capable of helping her parents, nevertheless Hook (Played by Colin O’Donoghue) calms her. Mary Margaret in addition to David find the sapling in addition to realize the idea was made through their own True Love, nevertheless the Evil Queen finds them in addition to destroys the idea. Flashbacks show David attempt to rescue Snow through a locked carriage, nevertheless the Woodcutter attacks him. With her help, he kills the Woodcutter, nevertheless Snow refuses to let David see her face so he doesn’t become a target. nevertheless they have a poignant conversation, in addition to when they touch hands, unseen by them, the magical sapling of their True Love will be born. Back in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen threatens the citizens as the deadline draws near. Mary Margaret in addition to David surrender to the Evil Queen. Regina lifts her protection spell in addition to the Evil Queen takes their hearts. In a twist, she puts them back inside them, nevertheless Mary Margaret’s will be laced that has a Sleeping Curse in addition to will be then teleported away.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Don’t mess with my kid.

Of course, the sapling could have been made through Snow in addition to Charming’s love; although True Love turned out not to be of which powerful because the Evil Queen killed of which sapling pretty easily. Snow in addition to Charming almost meeting inside flashback after killing the Woodcutter was like a meet cute through a romantic comedy, nevertheless not as cheesy. Sidenote: the Woodcutter isn’t exactly a name of which strikes fear into people; how do these people come up with these names? After literally decades, the Evil Queen finally got Snow’s heart in addition to instead does another Sleeping Curse. the idea seems she wasn’t able to break out of familiar habits (despite the fact of which the idea never worked before). When will these villains learn the long drawn out revenge plots are a bad idea? the idea allows time for the heroes to win; just crush the heart in addition to call the idea a day.

Belle confronts Gold about his intentions to use the magical shears on their son when he’s born in addition to tells him if he wants their child’s love he has to earn the idea. David finds Mary Margaret inside woods in addition to wakes her with True Love’s kiss, nevertheless then collapses. Regina tells Mary Margaret of which because the curse was put on her heart in addition to they share the idea, one of them will always be under the curse. Let’s take a moment to address the fact of which Gold was planning to use those shears on his baby. Belle talks about him earning their son’s love, nevertheless taking of which into consideration in addition to the fact of which the baby already hates him: she needs a restraining order. This kind of was a great twist on the Sleeping Curse rules; dooming Mary Margaret in addition to David to always be together nevertheless worlds apart.


“You want your son’s love? Don’t take the idea, be worthy of the idea.”

I guess Snow in addition to Charming will have to take turns alternating which one will be asleep, at least they’ll each be getting lots of beauty rest.

“You say you always find her. Start looking Shepard. Let’s see what happens when you do.”

Gold won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards anytime soon.

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