DC 4 Day Crossover Event Starts MONDAY! + Contest

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DC 4 Day Crossover Event Starts MONDAY! + Contest -


Fangasms abound! The CW is actually bringing us a groundbreaking 4 DAY CROSSOVER of ALL their DC shows! Supergirl + Arrow + Legends + The Flash will battle an alien invasion by the Dominators (who sound curiously like Daleks, though they don’t look like them at all). During the event, we’ll get to see all of our favorites coming from each show on all the some other shows! Okay, calm down along with keep reading.

The event starts This kind of Monday November 28th with the Supergirl episode “Medusa” along with continues Tuesday with The Flash in an episode entitled “Invasion!”.  Arrow picks of which up on Wednesday with their episode also called “Invasion!”. along with Legends of Tomorrow wraps of which up on Thursday.

The CW is actually also having a contest to mark the event cross-marketed with Final Fantasy XV. You can win a free exclusive Final Fantasy XV Xbox One console. Check out the details on their website along with watch the crossover trailer below.

If you’re not caught up, you can watch the latest episodes today on the CW website. You can also watch all the CW shows on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android along with Apple TV along with more.

Here are some direct links to make of which easier for you:

Watch Supergirl | Watch The Flash | Watch Arrow | Watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


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