Michael Livingston, The Gates of Hell, along with Writing Secret Historical Fantasy

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Michael Livingston, The Gates of Hell, along with Writing Secret Historical Fantasy -

livingstonAn award-winning writer along with professor, Michael Livingston holds degrees in history, medieval studies, along with English. He teaches at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. He has also added a pair of fantasy novels to which impressive C.V.: last year’s The Shards of Heaven along with the just-released sequel, The Gates of Hell. We recently got a chance to talk to Michael about secret histories, name alterations, along with the challenges of writing the second novel in a series.

For those readers not familiar with you, could you please introduce yourself?
For those who don’t know me, in my day-job I’m a professor of medieval matters at The Citadel, where among additional things I do a lot of research on the military history of the Middle Ages. In my spare time, though, I write fiction. My first novel arrived last year through Tor Books: The Shards of Heaven, a historical fantasy set against the war between the future Caesar Augustus along with the famed lovers Mark Antony along with Cleopatra. along with right now here we are with its sequel, The Gates of Hell—an amazing journey!

So. Second book from the series! For some which’s the hardest. What were your challenges in writing the book? What did you learn through writing The Shards of Heaven in tackling the second volume? What are you carrying forward to the next book?
Writing a second book from the series presented quite a few challenges, for sure. At a genuinely basic level there’s the issue of how to get fresh readers up to speed on everything which happened in Shards without boring my many fans who read along with loved which book. the idea’s a genuinely fine line to walk. 

Beyond which, though, there’s the challenge of timing. I wrote Shards over the course of years in no hurry at all. With Gates I had about four months. which was a tremendous challenge, yet I learned a lot about creating the muse work for me, which was a mighty useful thing not only just for This kind of book yet for the coming book three — along with hopefully many more books to come!

 Back when we last spoke, the name of The Gates of Hell was The Temples of the Ark. Why the name change?
Yeah, creating sure which’s a funny thing. When Tor offered me a three-book contract I had only written Shards, yet they needed titles for all three books for the contract. I knew the basic gist of my plot — a necessity given how densely woven the plots are with history along with with each additional — yet I hadn’t thought through titles. So I made up some place-holder titles: for book 2, which place-holder was “The Temples of the Ark.” I discarded which title on my end pretty early, yet the decision didn’t quite percolate through the systems at Tor, with the result which my turned-in manuscript said Gates yet the first edition of Shards said “Temples” along with for a time I myself didn’t know which the idea would certainly be. 

Anyway, This kind of spring I decided to resolve the confusion (or perhaps contribute to the idea!) by writing a short ebook entitled “The Temples of the Ark,” which can be a prequel to Shards which features part of the backstory of Alexander the Great along with the founding of Alexandria. Since which story arrived afterwards — the idea’s available right now for you ereaders out there — “Temples” sorta follows Shards just like which first edition of which book says — even if Gates can be genuinely the sequel novel. 

While Marc Antony along with Cleopatra are at least vaguely familiar to most readers, Augustus’ campaigns in Spain are genuinely known only by Roman historical enthusiasts. What prompted you to use which part of Roman history to continue the story of the shards? How do you handle historical figures which aren’t which well known?
So much of the Shards series can be about filling from the gaps of history, giving an explanation of events where our sources fall short. This kind of can be true across the whole trilogy, which has been a blast as the story moves through time along with across the ancient world: book three, for instance, finds the story in Jerusalem along with Petra, among additional places, which was tremendously exciting. 

Anyway, when I’m doing my research I’m looking for those intriguing gaps, along with among them can be just what’s going on in Spain during those campaigns. We know which Augustus became very ill during which campaign, for instance. yet what was the illness? We know the legend of the outlaw Corocotta. yet how did which genuinely happen? along with while archaeology appears to have revealed the probable whereabouts of the siege of Vellica, the idea also has given us questions — like why so much battle seems to have taken place outside the town’s walls. I’m honestly addicted to those kinds of puzzles as a historian, along with the Shards series gives me the opportunity to have a lot of fun with creating up possible solutions.

As for the characters, I obviously do everything I can to build through our primary sources. Where those fail, I try to triangulate through any additional historical contexts we have at hand. along with barring which … well, I just do what I think would certainly be best for the book.

The characterization of characters feels to me evolved along with grown since the first novel. Augustus, for example, feels much less like a villain as he came across to me in Shards of Heaven. How did you find growing along with evolving the characters over the time between the first along with second novel from the time frame of the book, along with from the real time in writing the book.
I’m genuinely glad to hear which the idea felt which way, because I absolutely intended for them to evolve — a process you will see continue in book three. Part of which can be because I think a lot of fantasy writers in particular invite their readers to jump into a “Great versus evil” dichotomy in their plots, along with I wanted to push against which as the plots unfolded over time. Hardly anyone in history can be truly evil, after all: relative to their own perspectives, most villains see themselves as heroes. In addition, Augustus in particular was a truly complex figure who very much grew into his own sense of self upon the entire world stage. I wanted to reflect which as best I could within the confines of my adventure plot.

Writing secret historical fictional fantasy can be a tough high wire act to keep up. How do you balance the secret historical background with the real history?
So does which mean you think I pull the idea off? (Laughs.)

Honestly, navigating the path between the immutable signposts of history along with the action-packed plot which I’ve built out of mythology has been both a joy along that has a headache. On the one hand, history can be a magnificent source of inspiration. The story of Corocotta welded so perfectly with my plots which at times I half-wondered if my fantasy was rediscovering a lost history. On the additional hand, history could also get in my way: no matter how much I love a certain character, his or her fate can be sealed by those same inspiring histories. 

from the end, I think the idea’s a wash. All writing can be hard, along with I wouldn’t dare to say which what I do can be any more of a difficult act than anything else from the novel-writing circus. the idea’s just different.

What was your favorite real thing you just had to have from the book?
I’ve got such a great answer just for This kind of for book three, yet the idea contains spoilers! 

which said, Gates also has some great historical Easter eggs for folks who do the research. My favorite can be probably an artifact called the Meroë Head of Augustus, from the collection of the British Museum. the idea’s the bronze head of a statue of the Caesar, excavated in 1910 through beneath the steps of a Kushite temple in Meroë – far up the Nile beyond the borders of Rome. the idea’s an absolutely stunning artifact, along with how the idea got to be buried in Meroë was something I enjoyed incorporating into the book. There are a lot of these little tidbits from the books, explaining artifacts, legends, along with even features of the earth. 

the idea’s certainly not necessary to know all the real stuff I’ve used to build the novels, yet having the idea all in there gives the series an extra dimension along with texture for those who can see the idea.

So what’s next? What convention appearances do you have coming up? How fares book three?
 I am very pleased to report which book three, which can be entitled The Realms of God, can be complete along with in Tor’s hands. Expected Discharge can be This kind of time next year. 

With the Shards trilogy complete, I’ll be moving on to the next project, which may well be an epic set in a rich along with dynamic fantasy world which I’ve constructed over time. I have a few additional irons from the fire, though, so we’ll just have to see where things stand when the dust settles.

As for conventions, I will be at JordanCon This kind of year, along with hopefully I’ll be creating the idea to DragonCon along that has a few additional events besides. If folks follow me on Twitter @medievalguy or check out my websitethey’ll know when along with where I’ll be.

The first two books of The Shards of Heaven series are available right now.

Rogue One 3D Video Right Here!

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Rogue One 3D Video Right Here! -


If you haven’t seen the idea already, ILMxLab has created Rogue One: Recon, a quick nevertheless fun 360 video adventure that will puts you right inside a Rogue One fighter cockpit.

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You can also watch the idea on YouTube.

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Rogue One Premier Live Stream

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Rogue One Premier Live Stream -


In case you missed the item, here’s the full replay of the Rogue One Premier Live Stream in Los Angeles.

If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, grab them currently at Fandango (AMC fee waivers apply on Fandango too).


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The Walking Dead: Girl Power

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The Walking Dead: Girl Power -

First Aired November 27th, 2016.

Two girls, Rachel (played by Mimi Kirkland) as well as also Cyndie (played by Sydney Park), are on a beach as well as also stumble across an unconscious Tara (played by Alanna Masterson). Rachel wants to follow the “rules” as well as also kill her, yet Cyndie refuses as well as also drags Tara to safety via the water.

Cyndie goes back as well as also leaves supplies as well as also a sharp stick for Tara, unaware that will she wakes up as well as also follows her. In a flashback, Heath (played by Corey Hawkins) vents to Tara that will after weeks of scavenging they found only meager supplies, yet she doesn’t want to give up. He also shares his worry about having killed so many Saviors as well as also that will the only way to survive today is usually to be selfish as well as also kill, which Tara disagrees with. They come across the ruins of a survivor camp as well as also are overrun by walkers as well as also separated. inside the present, Tara comes across a community full of heavily armed women as well as also children, as well as also once she’s discovered they open fire. Rachel corners Tara, yet before she can shoot, Cyndie comes to Tara’s defense, as well as also instead Tara is usually taken hostage. The leader Natania (played by Deborah May), Cyndie’s grandmother, questions Tara. yet Tara lies as well as also says she lived on a fishing boat. While they normally kill strangers, the fact that will Tara spared one of them instead of shooting her has them questioning if they should Discharge her.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

Sand walkers!

Tara’s been absent for the entire season until today, so an entire episode featuring the character was inevitable, as well as also, as that will turned out, a great episode. Tara is usually often a source for not bad one-liners as well as also has her moments, yet usually fades into the background. This kind of episode showed she can carry an entire episode herself as well as also that will there is usually much more to her character. Heath is usually an Alexandrian who’s been there yet not truly been involved. For a minute I had forgotten who he was when he appeared on screen. Having him get separated via Tara early inside the episode was a not bad move, This kind of was Tara’s episode as well as also he wouldn’t have contributed much by being around. This kind of community of all women living Amazon style is usually a first, as well as a major deviation via the comics, which didn’t have any groups like that will. Ironically, This kind of would likely be an ideal place for Tara if they hadn’t shot at her as well as also held her hostage.

Natania invites Tara to dinner as well as also tries to convince her to stay in order to keep their village safe as well as also reveals they lost all the men in a fight with another group. After revealing they knew she was lying, Tara tells the truth about where she is usually via as well as also their fight with the Saviors. She tries to convince Natania as well as also the others that will their two communities could work together, yet is usually met with resistance as they are used to being independent. Natania decides to send Tara out having a guide to find Heath as well as also investigate their community; Cyndie offers to go, yet is usually forbidden. Tara heads out with her guide, yet quickly realizes they plan to kill her as well as also runs at the first chance she gets. Tara confronts her guide, who reveals Tara’s group only killed an outpost as well as also that will the Saviors were responsible for killing all their men as well as also young boys. She plans to kill Tara to ensure the Saviors don’t find them, yet Cyndie intervenes as well as also helps Tara escape, yet makes her promise to never return or tell anyone about them. Cyndie covers Tara as she runs through the horde of walkers on the bridge, yet she finds no sign of Heath.

Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse

The Hunted.

Cyndie didn’t truly have to make Tara promise anything, there was no way she would likely ever go back to that will place, in just one episode they turned on her as well as also tried to kill her three times. Of course, given what they went through that will’s understandable, yet Tara had proved she was a not bad person. Although This kind of was a fun episode, that will was clearly filler as well as also a way to give Tara’s character a major storyline after missing most of the season so far. Tying This kind of community to the Saviors was a way of trying to bring them into the main conflict as well as also be used as a way of revisiting them later inside the season, although that will doesn’t seem very likely to happen. However, there were a lot of characters introduced This kind of episode that will would likely be worth exploring later. Branching out as well as also exploring completely new places is usually great, yet why did these people also have to be connected to the Saviors? that will seems their reach is usually never ending, as well as also, at This kind of point, we’re just being provided more examples of their brutality. They’re bad guys. We get that will.

Tara continues alone on foot as well as also eventually makes that will back to Alexandria, where she learns her girlfriend Denise (played by Merritt Weaver) was killed weeks ago. yet when pressed about places with guns or ammunition, Tara keeps the various other community’s existence to herself. that will was strange watching Tara absorb the news of Denise’s death, since, for us, that will happened a year ago. Tara decided to keep quiet after everything, yet partly that will was because staging a raid unarmed would likely be suicide.


“Nobody’s evil, they just decide to forget who they are.” “Some people are evil.”

Heath may or may not be dead, does anyone truly care either way?

“If you’re going to keep thinking everyone’s an enemy, then enemies are all you’re going to find.”

Tara can never find anyone to give her a proper fist bump, which should be on her bucket list.

If you enjoyed Manny’s review, you can find the rest of his work right HERE on Sci-Fi Bloggers. You can also follow him on Twitter @KN_Manny.

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ANIME: Spirited Away In Theaters!

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ANIME: Spirited Away In Theaters! -

Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award® Winning masterpiece Spirited Away can be coming to theaters for 2 nights only, December 4th & 5th, 2016 thanks to our favorite Fathom Events. This particular special limited screening will also feature an EXCLUSIVE showing of the animated short film “Ghiblies: Episode 2,” never-before released in North America.

If you love anime, ghosts, dragons along with fantasy, you won’t want to miss This particular enchanting classic on the big screen. You can get tickets today at Fandango (where AMC Stubs holders have processing fees waived).

You can also get cool anime Spirited Away gear at Hot Topic, their official merchandise partner. Exclusive Spirited Away merchandise can be available both in-store along with online.

Check out the trailer below.

through Fathom Events:

Spirited Away: 15th Anniversary’ Brings Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award®-Winning Animated Masterpiece to U.S. Cinemas For just two Days Only

The Influential Japanese Animated Feature, Along With an Exclusive Ghibli Short Film, Hits the Big Screen on December 4 along with 5 in Partnership with GKIDS

Enter an enchanted world of witches, dragons along with spirits in “Spirited Away,” director Hayao Miyazaki’s, critically-acclaimed story which became a worldwide phenomenon, cementing Studio Ghibli’s legacy among the foremost animation studios inside the entire world. “Spirited Away: 15th Anniversary” celebrates the anniversary of the Academy Award®-winning animated film along with the legendary Studio Ghibli.

Fathom Events, in partnership with GKIDS, the acclaimed distributor of multiple Academy Award®-nominated animated features, can be set to bring This particular special event to U.S. movie theaters For just two days only on Sunday, December 4 at 12:00 p.m. (dubbed in English) along with Monday, December 5, at 7:00 p.m. (English language subtitles) local time both dates. Following the full-length feature, attendees will see an exclusive short film, “Ghiblies: Episode 2,” never-before released in North America.

Tickets for “Spirited Away: 15th Anniversary” can be purchased online by visiting www.FathomEvents.com or at participating theater box offices. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in more than 400 movie theaters. For a complete list of theater locations visit the Fathom Events website (theaters along with participants are subject to change).

Spirited Away” follows 10-year-old Chihiro (Rumi Hiiragi) on another seemingly-boring trip with her parents. However, when they stop at a mysterious village, her parents undergo a puzzling transformation, along with she can be whisked into a world of fantastic spirits, shape-shifting dragons along having a witch who never wants to see her leave. Chihiro must call on the courage she never knew she had to free herself along with return her family to the outside world.

“Spirited Away” can be widely acclaimed among the greatest animated films of all times, earning a Best Animated Feature Academy Award for Hayao Miyazaki along with unanimous praise through critics along with audiences alike.

“We are excited to bring Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’ to cinemas for its 15th Anniversary,” Fathom Events CEO John Rubey said. “This particular Academy Award-winning film still resonates as a true animation masterpiece along with will be a joy to experience on the big screen.”

Hot Topic will be the official retail partner of the “Spirited Away: 15th Anniversary” event – Fans can shop through their selection of “Spirited Away” products in store or online at HotTopic.com

Photos Courtesy of Fathom Events along with GKIDS


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VIDEO: The Magicians – Harry Potter For Grown Ups?

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VIDEO: The Magicians – Harry Potter For Grown Ups? -


The Magicians second season can be coming up in late January so at This specific point can be a great time to catch up on the series. You can also become a student, learn the rules as well as take several “interactive magic lessons” as well as more at Breakbills University. of which can be, IF you pass the entrance exam. Give of which a try!


through Syfy:

Based upon Lev Grossman’s best-selling books, The Magicians centers around Brakebills University, a secret institution specializing in magic. There, amidst an unorthodox education of spellcasting, a group of twenty-something friends soon discover of which a magical fantasy world they read about as children can be all too real— as well as poses grave danger to humanity.

Here’s the trailer for Season 2. If This specific doesn’t make you want to catch up, nothing will 😉

You can watch Magicians Season 1 in full on Syfy.com at This specific point.


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Star Trek Contest Winner #3: Tribbles along with Woes

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Star Trek Contest Winner #3: Tribbles along with Woes -


Tuning in…

LADIES along with GENTLEMEN, may I have your attention, please?! You’ve been patient! You’ve been diligent! You’ve been loyal! today, for demonstrating such tremendous qualities, such incredible attributes, such unbelievable resolve, you shall be rewarded! Friends, bloggers, Earthlings, lend me your ears! The time has come, yet again, for you to get your proper dose of excitement, adventure, along with intrigue! People of the Net, without further delay, I present to you This particular week’s FRRRRRRRRRRIDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY FICTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


…Sam, play that will.

*Cue music.*

You’ve waited for that will, along with today here that will will be. The first of the three winning fan fictions. that will’s the tale of one of Star Treks most memorable little creatures along with the man who deals with them. Written by Lorraine Sharma Nelson, may I, along with Sci-Fi Bloggers, proudly present…

“Tribbles along with Woes”CLICK HERE to read!

Remember to tune in next time for WINNER #2 of the contest! along with, until then, This particular will be the Fictionmonger telling you to KEEP CALM, WATCH SOME STAR TREK along with MONGER ON!

…tuning out.

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Mass Effect Andromeda: 15 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Pre-Order

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Mass Effect Andromeda: 15 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Pre-Order -

andromeda1at This particular point in which N7 day has come along with gone, Bioware has begun releasing a fairly steady flow of information about the Spring 2017 Discharge of Mass Effect Andromeda.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for Andromeda news along with have scoured the web for the best, most comprehensive information about the upcoming game. Over the coming weeks, along with leading all the way up to the game’s Discharge, we’ll be curating along with posting summaries along with links to articles along with videos via around the web covering Andromeda as well as our own commentary, insights along with recommendations to help you get the best experience out of the game as possible.

We’ve even created a YouTube playlist with the best ME Andromeda coverage videos along with trailers. We’ll be updating in which playlist regularly as news continues to surface.

This particular article kicks off our roundup series with 15 key things to know about Mass Effect Andromeda:

  1. The game is actually currently scheduled to Discharge in “Spring 2017”. EA’s fiscal year ends in March, so we’re generating a prediction: to boost sales revenue, we expect the game to come out in early March as did Mass Effect 3.
  2. Mass Effect Andromeda is actually an entirely brand new story from the Mass Effect Universe. All the characters are brand new along with no characters via the original Shepard trilogy will be in This particular brand new game. There will, however, be “subtle nods” to original trilogy characters from the game.
  3. The Mass Effect Andromeda story time line starts at the end of Mass Effect 2 along with the core story takes place 0 years after ME2.andromeda-ark-1
  4. ME Andromeda takes place from the Andromeda Galaxy. Multiple species via the Milky Way Galaxy, including, however not limited to, humans, turians, krogan along with asari, have traveled to Andromeda on “Arks” in stasis. They leave the Milky Way from the year 2185 along with wake 0 years later. Note: 2185 is actually the same year in which Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker takes place.
  5. Players will play as one of two main sibling characters Scott or Sarah Ryder. Scott along with Sarah are the default character names (as was John from the original trilogy). You can change the first name however your main name will be “Ryder”. The Ryder family is actually named for Sally Ryder, the first American woman in space.
  6. You can customize your character’s appearance as you could with the various other games, along with your family’s appearance will change to coordinate with your own. Your character along with family can be any ethnicity along with can be multi-ethnic.
  7. There will be many types of relationships available in Andromeda for both romance along with friendship. This particular includes being able to have flirtatious relationships, flings as well as long-term deep romances with game characters. There will also be emphasis on deep platonic relationships.
  8. There will be loyalty missions to help develop your relationships with your squad along with game characters however these will not have an impact on the game’s ending along with, most importantly, will not determine the life or death of a character as they did in ME2.
  9. There will be no “classes” in Andromeda. You will be able to train any available abilities by simply allocating talent points.
  10. The project in which is actually building the arks along with sending the species to Andromeda is actually called The Andromeda Initiative. You can sign up for the Andromeda Initiative on the Mass Effect Andromeda website along with begin your training at This particular point. The website will be continually updated with brand new training videos along with activities leading up to the Discharge of the game. This particular’s actually cool.


11. Loading screens are gone. They’ve basically “done away with” loading times. The game will “instead” show you travelling to your destination. Our conclusion is actually in which This particular is actually basically a trick of sorts, however a Great trick. What This particular looks like they’re doing is actually replacing a static or semi-static loading screen using a short, or a series of short, cinematics. Certainly better than a traditional loading screen because at least This particular gives you something to do.

12. The game will have a multiplayer in which is actually very similar to Mass Effect 3. This particular will not affect the ending of the game.

13. Mass Effect Andromeda will NOT be a trilogy. Whether or not their will be a sequel is actually “to be determined” according to Mac Walters. Our bet is actually there will be since money can be earned via This particular, however the schedule along with resources devoted to This particular will be determined by the success of This particular game. In fact, they’ve probably already decided to some degree however just are not announcing anything at This particular point.

14. We will be getting a brand new skinnable vehicle called the Nomad ND1 which is actually an much better style of the Mako. Rumor has This particular the sadistic experience of the Mako (bouncing all over the place) has been removed along with This particular vehicle is actually a true ATV fit for interstellar planetary exploration. Yay! however This particular has no, in which’s NO, offensive weaponry. BOOOO! Well, since EA’s Need For Speed team actually designed its control along with operation, we can at least expect This particular to be a pleasant, realistic along with fun driving experience. Although, since we have no gun, I guess we’ll just have to run enemies over.

15. The game will have 6 editions: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe along with 2 levels of Collector editions. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One along with PC. The PC style will have controller capability.The Super Deluxe edition is actually designed for those who plan to do multi-player extensively by adding 20 weeks of Multiplayer Booster Packs for one more $30. So if you don’t plan on playing multi-player a lot, stick with the standard or deluxe editions.

The collectors’ editions have generated some confusion, particularly if you go to the Bioware store where signage says “Game Not Included” along with the pricing options are confusing.However, if you go to MassEffect.com, the language along with presentation is actually more clear. This particular seems the right hand along with left hand are not talking to each various other here. andromeda-chart1In any case, the Collectors Edition is actually essentially the Nomad ND1 purchased as a separate item along with added to your desired style of the game. This particular is actually actually a great way to package This particular, generating the collector item a la carte, along with allowing the individual to choose their game play experience. This particular also saves on packaging along with lowers the risk of unsold collector inventory as everyone who wants a vehicle can simple add the game they select to the package.

You can preorder the game along with the Nomad ND1 at This particular point at MassEffect.com, Best Buy, Gamestop along with Amazon.

Stay tuned to Twitter & Facebook, or join our mailing list, for the next article in our Mass Effect Andromeda News Roundup series.

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Once Upon a Time: Heartless

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Once Upon a Time: Heartless -

First Aired November 6th, 2016.

The Evil Queen (played by Lana Parrilla) intimidates Snow White/Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) into giving up her heart in addition to Prince Charming/David’s (played by Josh Dallas). She gives Mary Margaret a vial, in addition to says she has twelve hours to decide, or she will use of which on the whole town.

Regina realizes of which the vial contains water via the River of Lost Souls in addition to of which Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (played by Robert Carlyle) gave of which to her. Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) researches ways to neutralize the water while the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior (played by Keegan Connor Tracy) reveals a way to imprison the Evil Queen. of which’s a magical tree sapling made via the spark of a first True Love, yet a locator spell would likely alert Gold in addition to the Evil Queen to its presence. In flashbacks, Snow White sells family heirlooms in addition to fights off assassins as she prepares to flee the kingdom to escape the Evil Queen. David is actually heading to the same seaport town in an attempt to save his failing farm, yet is actually drugged by the Woodcutter (played by Paul Johansson), who uses his dog to track down Snow for the reward. Regina reveals she in addition to Gold had a romantic past in addition to arranges for the Wicked Witch/Zelena (played by Rebecca Mader) to catch Gold in addition to the Evil Queen kissing, which leaves her jealous in addition to causes her skin to turn green. However, they realize Regina set them up as Mary Margaret, David, in addition to Regina locate the sapling.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Talk about water pollution.

Finally, the Evil Queen is actually living up to the “evil” part of her title in addition to stepping up her efforts to kill Snow in addition to Charming. in addition to check out Belle finally being involved in something different than being caught up in Gold’s schemes. I’ve resigned myself to the fact of which True Love will always be part of the show, yet lately of which’s being shoved down our throats more than usual. of which’s like whenever there’s a conflict, half the time True Love is actually the solution; of which’s just lazy writing to have of which solve problems over in addition to over. The flashbacks weren’t anything brand-new, same old “Snow running via the Queen” story; yet seeing Snow in addition to Charming back when they used to be more active heroes is actually always a treat. Gold in addition to the Evil Queen make a pretty balanced couple, although of which’s kind of gross when you consider he also dated her mother. I couldn’t tell if Zelena was more jealous of The Evil Queen or Gold for not being with her. Either way, she has very deep-rooted self-esteem problems in addition to if she doesn’t do something about of which, she’ll have to buy clothes of which match green skin.

Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) worries she may not be capable of helping her parents, yet Hook (Played by Colin O’Donoghue) calms her. Mary Margaret in addition to David find the sapling in addition to realize of which was made via their own True Love, yet the Evil Queen finds them in addition to destroys of which. Flashbacks show David attempt to rescue Snow via a locked carriage, yet the Woodcutter attacks him. With her help, he kills the Woodcutter, yet Snow refuses to let David see her face so he doesn’t become a target. yet they have a poignant conversation, in addition to when they touch hands, unseen by them, the magical sapling of their True Love is actually born. Back in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen threatens the citizens as the deadline draws near. Mary Margaret in addition to David surrender to the Evil Queen. Regina lifts her protection spell in addition to the Evil Queen takes their hearts. In a twist, she puts them back inside them, yet Mary Margaret’s is actually laced using a Sleeping Curse in addition to is actually then teleported away.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Don’t mess with my kid.

Of course, the sapling would likely have been made via Snow in addition to Charming’s love; although True Love turned out not to be of which powerful because the Evil Queen killed of which sapling pretty easily. Snow in addition to Charming almost meeting from the flashback after killing the Woodcutter was like a meet cute via a romantic comedy, yet not as cheesy. Sidenote: the Woodcutter isn’t exactly a name of which strikes fear into people; how do these people come up with these names? After literally decades, the Evil Queen finally got Snow’s heart in addition to instead does another Sleeping Curse. of which seems she wasn’t able to break out of familiar habits (despite the fact of which of which never worked before). When will these villains learn the long drawn out revenge plots are a bad idea? of which allows time for the heroes to win; just crush the heart in addition to call of which a day.

Belle confronts Gold about his intentions to use the magical shears on their son when he’s born in addition to tells him if he wants their child’s love he has to earn of which. David finds Mary Margaret from the woods in addition to wakes her with True Love’s kiss, yet then collapses. Regina tells Mary Margaret of which because the curse was put on her heart in addition to they share of which, one of them will always be under the curse. Let’s take a moment to address the fact of which Gold was planning to use those shears on his baby. Belle talks about him earning their son’s love, yet taking of which into consideration in addition to the fact of which the baby already hates him: she needs a restraining order. This specific was a great twist on the Sleeping Curse rules; dooming Mary Margaret in addition to David to always be together yet worlds apart.


“You want your son’s love? Don’t take of which, be worthy of of which.”

I guess Snow in addition to Charming will have to take turns alternating which one is actually asleep, at least they’ll each be getting lots of beauty rest.

“You say you always find her. Start looking Shepard. Let’s see what happens when you do.”

Gold won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards anytime soon.

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Once Upon a Time: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Once Upon a Time: Mirror Mirror on the Wall -

First Aired November 13th, 2016.

Snow White/Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) as well as Prince Charming/David (played by Josh Dallas) adjust to life sharing the Sleeping Curse. They leave notes as well as gifts for the additional as a way of communicating while one is usually asleep, yet visibly struggle being apart.

Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) hatches a plan to trap the Evil Queen inside an enchanted mirror. She enlists Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) as well as Henry (played by Jared Gilmore) as bait, who needs a distraction through relationship troubles. However, the Evil Queen anticipated Regina’s plan as well as replaces Regina’s mirror using a fake, trapping Emma as well as Regina within the mirror. The Evil Queen poses as Regina while Emma as well as Regina are unable to contact anyone outside the earth of mirrors. Meanwhile, Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) enlists Zelena/the Wicked Witch (played by Rebecca Mader) for help against Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (played by Robert Carlyle). They ask Aladdin (played by Deniz Akdeniz) for help with stealing the Sorcerers wand to keep Gold through using the magical scissors on Belle’s baby. Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) finds Emma’s phone as well as realizes something is usually wrong, yet the Evil Queen knocks him unconscious before he can do anything. yet after the Evil Queen makes a remark Henry realizes who she genuinely is usually as well as sets out to save Emma as well as Regina.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

Teen romance sucks.

Mary Margaret as well as David’s situation is usually a difficult one; being so close yet so far through each additional. The montage of them attempting to make which work was great. Keeping which limited to only a few scenes was a smart choice as there was much more action within the episode, as well as there was only so much which could be milked through watching them pine for the additional while they slept. which is usually once in years (maybe ever?) which Henry had a significant as well as relevant role in an episode’s storyline. Although which was incredulous which he kept going on about his trivial relationship problems while his mothers tried to explain their plan to capture the Evil Queen. Magic mirrors have been a big part of the show, which was interesting getting a peek at what’s on the additional side. Zelena is usually a very unlikely ally for Belle, yet at least she’s managed to continue holding her resolve in keeping her distance through Gold. Of the many times Belle has bounced back as well as forth in her relationship with Gold, which is usually a personal best in terms of how long she’s stayed strong.

Emma as well as Regina are surprised to find the Dragon (played by Tzi Ma) trapped months ago by the Evil Queen, as well as he reveals he found a way to escape, a broken mirror which can act as a portal. Henry confronts the Evil Queen who uses the Dragon’s heart to force him to turn into a dragon as well as attack Emma as well as Regina. She then gives Henry an enchanted hammer as well as tells him to smash the Dragon’s heart in order to save them. Instead, Henry smashes the mirror as well as, combined with the Dragon’s fire, frees everyone, Henry takes the Dragon’s heart back as well as the Queen is usually forced to flee. Meanwhile, Aladdin breaks into Gold’s shop as well as successfully steals the Sorcerer’s wand. He also steals a magic lamp to help Jasmine (played by Karen David) find Agrabah. Gold steals the wand back immediately as well as puts an enchanted wrist cuff to keep track of Belle, who furiously states he will never see their child. When he tries to hurt Zelena, however, which hurts him. When she healed his heart back in brand-new York, which left them magically bonded.

Once Upon a Time, Fantasy

which’s a lot of bad luck.

The mission to save Agrabah slowly yet surely continues, yet which’s such an underdeveloped story which’s hard to care. Also, who else was genuinely disappointed we didn’t get a cameo through Genie when Aladdin pulled out which lamp? So far the Evil Queen’s master plan of turning everyone against each additional has only brought them closer together as a family as well as in their opposition to her. She keeps trying to get them to kill innocent people no matter how many times which plan fails. Side note: which’s frustrating which mirror prison which was inescapable had several ways out; we all know they’re going to escape—yet don’t make which so easy. At which point which’s clear Gold just doesn’t care about how he comes off to Belle anymore, as well as since his unborn son already hates him he’s bent on forcing them to be with him. yet a fun twist was seeing Zelena pull a fast one on Gold, which’s nice to see someone finally turn the tables on him for a change.

The Evil Queen goes to Gold. Gold proposes they work together in order to get what they want. yet before they can celebrate, he reveals he needs her to kill Zelena, which leaves the Evil Queen visibly shocked. I could have sworn these two were already working together, yet apparently which wasn’t official without a kiss. as well as the sisterly bonding between the Evil Queen as well as Zelena appears to be over; the Evil Queen features a past of killing family members to get what she wants.


“Nice try, yet you can’t Darth Vader me. I’ll never join you.”

If I were Emma as well as Regina, I might have spent more time spying on people through their mirrors. which seems like too Great an opportunity to pass up.

“Love is usually weakness.” “Love can be weakness, yet which can also be a weapon.”

If there’s one bright side to Mary Margaret as well as David’s situation, which’s they each always look well-rested.

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